Being an Asian American Mom


I have been thinking about starting my own blog for a very long time. Last year, I decided to buy this domain with the intention of creating a food blog. After rushing through my first few posts, I dropped the idea because I had not flushed it out all the way. Did I really want my blog to only focus on food? Not really. I felt like there was a missing voice out there for people like me – second generation Asian American moms. How do we juggle our cultural identity? Am I the only one that struggles with being American but wanting to also be Vietnamese? How do I expose my son to our culture when I, myself, feel disconnected from it at times? There wasn’t a blog out there that explored these topics from the perspective of an Asian American mom.

One of the things that makes me feel connected to my heritage is food. I’m not sure about you guys but something about food always brings my family and friends together. I love cooking, and I love cooking Vietnamese food. I know there are a lot of food blogs out there – like A LOT – but what I noticed about these food blogs was that they focused on dishes that take a long time to cook. The dishes they write about are things my mom would make only on the weekends because that’s when she’d have the time to make them. I’m sorry but who has time for that? As a working mom in a dual income family, I don’t have an hour plus to whip up dinner. I’m lucky if I have 30 minutes. So while I love reading these other Asian food blogs for ideas on nice weekend meals, I needed a blog that would teach me how to meal plan and cook quickly. Unfortunately, none like that exists.

So I’ve come to this conclusion. I want to focus my discussions  and entries on topics relating to being an Asian American parent while also passing along some of the things I’ve learned over the years that have helped me out a lot, like meal planning! Not only will I provide you with my dinner schedule, but I’ll also breakdown what I buy during my grocery shopping and how I prep for the week and follow it up with recipes and instructions. I should probably add a disclaimer though. When I was trying to flush out how this blog would work, I realized that not everyone is as good in the kitchen as I am.  I’ve been cooking since I was in 6th grade – 11 years old. Many of the things I cook at home, I can do it with my eyes closed because I know how to do it so well.  So please understand that a lot of this will come with practice for you, but I’ll do my best to give you the necessary skills to do the same.

Until next time…

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  1. Hi there. The title of your blog Asian American captured my interest. I am a mom too and am half Asian half American. but am staying in Asian. it would be nice to compare the different parenting styles between Asians and Americans 😊


    1. modasianmom says:

      I love it. Welcome to the blogging world, though I am barely a blogger. I have all these entries written up in my Notepad, but I never get around to posting them!! When you have a family and a full time job, it’s really hard to keep up. I can’t imagine how you do it with three kids and a PhD thesis. 🙂


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