Work Those High Heels

Want a tip for your high heeled shoes?  Or maybe just shoes in general?

Before my husband and I started dating, I was not a shoe person.  Shoes served a function for me and that was it.  Besides, my pants were normally sized to be a little longer than my ankle so my shoes were always somewhat covered.  I owned three pairs of heels back then – a black pair, a khaki (now we call it ‘nude’) pair, and a dressy pair.  That’s what I called them because they weren’t name brand.  More often, they came from Payless Shoes, Target, or Ross and cost no more than $30.  I just needed them for work and if I’m being honest, my closet wasn’t any better.  I was the least fashionable person at the time.  I just wanted to be comfortable.

My husband bought me my first Louis Vuitton purse.  It was a small clutch with a gold chain that I still use today.  (Their designs really are classic!)  My husband started buying me designer shoes as gifts.  At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it since I didn’t regard myself as a high-maintenance kind of girl, but slowly, he won me over.  He claims he started buying me shoes so he wouldn’t feel bad about his own shoe collection but I think he just finds me sexy in fancy designer shoes.  Today, my closet is filled with shoes from different designers for all occasions, but my favorite designer has to be Ferragamo, mostly because his shoes are super comfortable.

That brings me to my post for today.  One of the things I wanted to have on my blog before I really go public with this thing was a video (just to try this out and gauge how I feel).  I learned this tip from my good friend, Sharmin, many many years ago and still do it today.  Let’s face it.  A lot of designer shoes are NOT comfortable.  Well, a lot of shoes in general are not comfortable.  I know Victoria Beckham says beauty is pain, but for women who have wide feet like me, designer shoes can sometimes feel like they’re chopping off a part of your foot.  Foot Petals has all these stick-ons to help with things like heel grip and feet cushion.  They also have strips you can put to put on places that rub the top of your foot, but those strips just don’t work for me so what do I do?

I use a white candle stick.

I know what you’re thinking.  Those are your everyday shoes?? Would it help if I told you there was a 1/2″ platform in them?

My husband used to think I was weird for having a candle stick sitting in my jewelry box but one day, he saw what I was doing and thought it was genius.  For shoes that dig into my feet, I take the candle stick and rub it along all the edges of the shoe.  The rubbing action leaves a thin clear film around the rough parts of the shoes so when I put them on, it doesn’t hurt.  For those of you who have had braces (or children with braces), think of it like the wax you would put on the sharp parts of your braces to shield it from your gums.  It’s kind of the same concept.

So now I pull out the candle stick every time the shoe edges start to dig in and just rub it around the edges.  No sticky residue from pasties and it doesn’t damage the shoe.

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