Hi there!  My name is Kim.  I’m married to an awesome guy named Chad, and we have a goofy little boy named CJ whom I call Boo Boo from time to time.   We live in Houston, Texas with our two beautiful – albeit, neglected – dogs, Charlie and Bailey.  I work in the investor relations department at my company.  My office used to be a mile away from our apartment but then we bought a house and now it’s like a 30 minute drive *sigh*.  My husband is an electrical engineer and he works about 45 minutes to an hour away, sometimes longer.  In whatever spare time we have, we both really enjoy spending it with our son and our dogs.  When the whether is actually nice, we run together.  Sometimes, we even travel to run in races, though we did a lot more of that before having a baby.

I was searching for blogs I could relate to as an Asian mom in today’s world, but had a lot of trouble finding one.  There are a lot of great mom blogs out there, but none that really featured content near and dear to my heart.  I also love food and while there are a ton of great food blogs out there, none really focused on the working mom and the short amount of time we have to cook a meal in the evenings.

I started this blog so I’d have a space to talk about things that matter to me: food, quick cooking and being a working Asian mom.  Hopefully, you find my random thoughts entertaining, if not helpful.